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With world class quality, superb customer service and competitive pricing the company has gained a substantial position in the domestic market and there has been tremendous increase in the export of its products to Europe, US and almost half of South East Asia. Download Quality Assurance Equipment List

Quality Stainless Pvt. Ltd.

In House Testing and Inspection Set-up 

S. No. Description Make
1 Eddy Current Tester .Dr. Forester (Germany)
2 ECT (Online)-2 Nos Raynar
3 Intergranular Corrosion Test ‘Pr’E’ & ‘A’ Erlenmeyer Flask & Condenser
4 Microscope Genter Instrument (P) Ltd.
5 Universal Testing M/C Fuel Instrument & Engineer ltd.
6 Spectro Analyzer Spectromac
7 Rockwell Hardness Tester Fuel Instruments & Engineer ltd.
8 Pneumatic test (Air under water test) Malva Precision
9 Hydrotester Own
10 Product Analysis ~
11 Average Roughness test Mitutoya
12 Muffle Furnace Hi Tech Engg.
13 Pressure Gauge (Hydro Tester) Micro Process Control
14 Residual Stress Measuring Equipment As per our SOP
15 TDS Tester Hanna Instrument
16 Fix Gauges Tecsales
17 Micrometer Mitutoyo
18 Micrometer Mitutoyo
19 Micrometer Mitutoyo
20 Micrometer Mitutoyo
21 Micrometer Mitutoyo
22 Vernier Caliper Mitutoyo
23 Vernier Caliper Mitutoyo
24 Vernier Caliper Digital Mitutoyo
25 Measuring Tape Freemans
26 Measuring Tape Freemans
27 Volumetric analysis (For checking of Bath coric and chloride contents in water Volumetric method