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Type of Hose Assemblies Based on flexibility, the Annular corrugated hoses are categorized as follows according to ISO 10380-2003.

  • Type #1: This type of hoses are highly flexible and is used for special application where high flexibility and fatigue life is required. The cyclic life is minimum 10,000 cycles when subjected to short bend radius.
  • Type #2: This type of hoses have moderate flexibility and widely used in Industrial application. The cyclic life is minimum 10,000 cycles when subjected to wide bend radius.
  • Type #3: This type of hose have low flexibility and is suitable for static applications . The cyclic life is 30 cycles and mostly used unbraided.

User Input requirements

  • Size of the hose
    Nominal bore size / Nominal size of connecting system / Length.
  • End fitting details
    Flanged / threaded / Welded / coupling, etc.
  • Material
    Material of hose, braid and fittings (SS 304/ SS 304L/ SS 316L/ SS 321. etc )
  • Working pressure
    Maximum pressure at extreme condition.
  • Working temperature
    Maximum temp. of fluid passing through or surrounding temperature.
  • Installation details
    May be explained by a simple sketch.
  • Dynamic properties if any
    Amplitude and frequency of movements, vibration etc. May be given by sketch.
  • Fluid passing through the hose
    complete specification of fluid with concentration, mixture, etc.
  • Flow details
    Velocity, Mass flow rate, density of fluid, etc.